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Treating type I diabetes | Endocrine system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

Since type one diabetes is caused by autoimmune destruction of the pancreas, that results in an absolute deficiency of insulin, it makes sense that the treatment of type one diabetes is to give insulin. Now, this is true, but unfortunately it’s not quite that simple. So let’s talk about treating type one diabetes. And before […]


Using Sliding Scale to Determine Insulin Dose

 Using Your Sliding Scale A sliding scale is what you will use to determine how much insulin you need to give to correct an elevated blood sugar and/or for food. There are two parts. Correction factor and insulin to carb ratio. In our example, the correction factor is half a unit will lower the […]


SHOCKING TRICK For Diabetes Cure | Green Smoothie Juice For Diabetes #EveryDayTips

Are you suffering with diabetes from long time … might use many medicines and treatments if you want to cure diabetes by simple and natural ways …then watch this full video diabetes is an increasingly common condition according to the American Diabetes Association approximately million new cases are diagnosed every year in u.s. diabetes can […]


Silahkan Periksa Email Anda Sekarang

Beberapa saat lagi Anda akan menerima  email dari Apabila Anda tidak menemukan email yang saya kirim maka silahkan periksa di folder spam, atau masuk ke folder lain seperti Promotion dan Updates. Pastikan email dari masuk ke dalam folder primary atau inbox, supaya anda tidak terlewatkan satupun email-email yang akan saya kirim. Bagi pengguna gmail pastikan bahwa email […]


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