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Online post on funding stop for diabetes blood strip tests wrong

A post being shared on Facebook recently concerning diabetics highlights the fact that you shouldn’t believe everything you read online. Hania Douglas explains. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, warns online expert Karaitiana Taiuru. The issue arose after a Facebook post concerning a cut in govt funding for diabetic blood test strips. In […]


Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes During Pregnancy Diabetes Symptoms, Risks Treatment For Diabetes

What are the causes and symptoms of diabetes? Diabetes is a serious disease in which your body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in your blood because it does not have enough insulin. Diabetes is the most common medical complication during pregnancy, representing 3.3% of all live births. No matter what type of diabetes […]


Good Desserts For Diabetics

Delicious diabetes friendly office snacks ideally you will be hungry for snacks about two or three hours after your main meals If you are hungry less than two hours after your meal this might be a reason to evaluate if you are eating balanced and needs foods high in carbohydrates unloading protein and traget tend […]


What is Peripheral Neuropathy and How is it Treated?

I’d like to talk to you about peripheral neuropathy. This is a condition where there is disease or damage to nerves which affects sensation, movement, organ or gland function. Oftentimes patients have symptoms where there is numbness, burning, tingling, pins and needles – they may have weakness, imbalances, or even poor bladder control. Another thing […]


Most Common Symptoms Of Type 2 Diabetes

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes The symptoms of type 2 diabetes develop gradually – so gradually, in fact, that it’s possible to miss them as related symptoms. The symptoms develop gradually because, if you have the insulin resistant form of type 2, it takes time for the effects of insulin resistance to show up. Your […]


Curing Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

“Curing Painful Diabetic Neuropathy” Neuropathy, or damage to the nerves, is a debilitating disorder. Diabetes is by far the most common cause. Up to 50% of diabetics will eventually develop neuropathy during the course of their disease. It can be very painful, and the pain is frequently resistant to conventional treatments. In fact there is […]


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